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When Will My Reflection Show…

So, good first day. I’m writing this blog from my phone, though, as the retreat center I’m currently at is seriously lacking in creature comforts (fun fact: I am never 100% sure if I’m using that term correctly. What I mean is there’s no wi-fi, among other things). Since my current situation doesn’t really allow for the full update I’m currently imagining in my head (flourishing descriptions followed by vividly crisp high resolution photos, compliments of the iPhone), I figured I’d just share a few reflections on the day (hence the title of this post. See what I did there?)

But first things first: you should know that these retreats are usually three day sleep-away affairs –like vacationing for the weekend, but with Jesus instead of drinks and prayer instead of play. It sounds a lot less fun than it actually is. It’s a different level of fun. Fun that isn’t fun, per se, but rather refreshment; reorientation; rest. This is the heart of the retreat lifestyle: a “back to the basics” attitude when it comes to life and an acute refocusing on Christ.

Amidst the music and the Masses (which is, simply put, the Catholic worship service for those who may be unfamiliar with the term), there are teachings by various speakers. I’m fortunate enough to once again be under the authority of Fr. George Antony (that’s his English last name. He’s Indian, and his real last name is something I can’t actually pronounce or spell, ironically enough), a phenomenal priest and preacher, along with Dr. Zubin. Both are majorly spiritual men with admirable characters and real passions for God.

Insofar as reflections: Overall, today was special. It seemed to me to set the tone for the rest of this summer adventure. I’m not sure how many reading this are spiritually minded, but I am, and from that perspective, I’ve gained a lot of insight into why things in my life have happened the way they have. I see the purpose for the recent pains in my life.  And that’s a comfort in its own way.

I don’t want to get too wordy here and make you lose interest. I also don’t want to diminish anything I’ll share once I get back home and have functioning internet by saying too much now. So I suppose I’ll leave you with these thoughts:

There is a real value in wandering from the rhythm and the cacophony of everyday life, a richness in purposeful, willful silence, and a reward in the reprieve that comes with drawing away. There is a depth and breadth to your soul that you’ll probably never access until you take a step back from who you think you’re supposed to be in this world. That, for me, is always what retreats like this one do: relieve me of who I think I am and remind me of who I’m meant to be.

And I’m blessed enough to experience eight of these things back to back. For someone like me who loses herself so easily, that’s such a gift.

Anyways. That was more than you bargained for, probably. Goodnight folks. I’ll probably have something more lighthearted for you in the near future.

Carry On,


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