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Procrastination and Preparedness

It’s T-minus 4 days until the adventure begins. First stop: My own backyard. Of course not literally, that would be silly. I’ll be heading south to Miami –to the Morning Star Retreat Center, apparently. I was told something entirely different previously, but I suppose I’ll show up where the address indicates and play everything else by ear (pun, as always, intended).

I have zero things ready for this weekend, which is exactly the situation in which one wants to find oneself at this stage of the game, I’m sure. Subsequently –or perhaps, consequently– today will be mostly dedicated to getting my act together and overcoming my natural propensity to procrastinate. Granted, I’ve been trying to do that my entire life –but I just keep putting it off. Heh. I wonder, though, if writing this blog post is actually, on some subconscious level, merely another method of procrastination? Hm. Food for thought (Spoiler alert: Yes, it is).

Here’s what I know: Part of my procrastination problem is that I’ve just done this too many times to feel any real urgency to prepare. Complacency: that’s my issue. It’s easy to fall into any routine and to cease to be mindful of what you need to do and when you need to do it. The greatest obstacle to overcome is the sense of “I’ve got this. I’ve done this 23847239847 times, and I know what to expect.”

Half the time, I don’t even know what the schedule is for these things, so how do I even know what to expect?

Anyways. I suppose I should actively make an effort to get things done today if I’m going to be in any way prepared for this weekend. I’d hate to start this summer off on the wrong foot. So, in the interest of doing something with my life, I suppose I’ll go do something with my life.

Carry on,


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