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Of Undetermined Hope

I’ve always fancied myself a writer of sorts. Never much had anything to write about, though –student papers and Master’s thesis, notwithstanding. Academic writing is well within my wheelhouse at this point in my life, but I have a different purpose in mind for this . . . well, let’s call it a venture. Or, perhaps, an adventure.

And an adventure it will be, indeed. You see, I shall soon be embarking on an eight-city tour over the summer with Shalom World ministries. It’s a bit difficult to describe what I’ll be doing, but to be brief: I’ve been tapped for this gig because of my musical skills and because of my work with the organization over the years. Simply put, this is one of the biggest opportunities of my life thus far, and I would like to share it in some way with a greater audience than just myself. Few know the struggle I’ve had over the past several months, and I doubt anyone knows just how much I needed this page to turn in my life, but now that it’s here, I want nothing more than to document it; to memorialize it indelibly in the pages of history (and in the pages of a blog).

As is the recurring theme in my life: My way forward is uncertain, the future is unclear, and my hope is undetermined, but with plane ticket in hand and fingers to the keyboard (of both the computer and instrument variety, heh), I’ll take you along on this most exciting time in my life. Stick with me, kid, we’re going places.

Carry on,


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