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I Just Need Space, Okay?

A couple nights ago I woke up suddenly out of a shallow sleep in an utter panic because I started thinking about what I would possibly do if I ever had to haul an 88-key digital piano plus various other pieces of luggage through an airport on one of these trips. What if I was on my own? What if I don’t have anyone else around to help me? Was I supposed to grow another set of arms and legs? Maybe spontaneous duplication was in order.

It was 2am. I should have probably led with that.

After about 20 minutes of this sort of wide-awake catastrophizing, I decided the only thing I could realistically do was decrease the number of bags I would ever conceivably have to bear at one time. No more than one checked bag and one carry on, so I can always have a hand free to carry the keyboard.

But the question became this: how does one accomplish this seemingly monstrous task?

Why, by creating more space in each bag, of course, thereby enabling myself to fit more things in a finite area! Brilliant! I felt, quite frankly, like a genius.

So I hopped on that magical mystery ride called where I discovered the sorcery that is space saver bags.

And that, friends, is the story of how I went on a panic-induced shopping spree at 2 in the morning. Cool story, right?

Anyways, I leave in the morning for Miami. I’ll try to post something in the evenings and keep things updated that way. Until then–

Carry On,


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